A few decades ago people may have talked about elocution, but today we talk about accent softening or accent reduction.

You might be a non-native English speaker, perfectly proficient in English, but find people are frequently ask you to repeat yourself.

Or, you may be a native English speaker, but find people are always asking you to slow down, to speak more clearly, especially in stressful situations.

If either of these situations sound familiar, then you may want to think about accent softening or reduction.

Personally I love the richness of the myriad of different accents and I would never encourage anyone to change their accent.  However, it is important to realise we all have choices about our voices and our accents, and our voices and accents are constantly in a state of flow (do we use the same voice and accent with our parents as with our friends?).  If there are times when you feel your accent may be getting in the way of important communication, then we can work together.

Whether it be looking to improve your clarity, either by working on your articulation, or looking at softening your existing accent, these are all aspects with which I can help.

We will sit down and analyse your voice and accent and work out a bespoke plan for making the most our time together.  By the end of our sessions you will have become aware of key sounds which may need to shift slightly in order to effect better communication.