Working with Vicky was a breath of fresh air.  She is nurturing but absolutely direct; with all sorts of practical tools to offer at the right moment.  As a vocalist, I thought I could “do” an American accent pretty well but Vicky took this much further and helped with the characterisation – encouraging me to listen more deeply to the accent I was trying to imitate; to understand where it was coming from, emotionally and historically, and to find the resonances in my own body.

 Given that after only a couple of sessions, I had to go and deliver 3 weeks of performances of this American woman to a New York audience (who all remarked on the authenticity of my voice), the work was just in time!  Phew.  Thank you Vicky!

Kate Dimbleby, Actor and Singer


Victoria is a key support to me as an actress and voice artist.  As a North American, I’m frequently called upon to work in a different dialect (in my case, RP).  When I’m playing a character on a computer game, and have only my voice to rely upon, I want to get it right.  Vickie helps me do that. Her approach is holistic, activating the body and the breath to help the voice be the best it can be.  She knows her stuff, and is able to pinpoint my vocal issues and, most importantly, find ways to work towards overcoming them.  Not always an easy thing to do, as working with the voice can be a mystical and strange dance.  Her presence is warm, encouraging and her feedback wise and intelligent.  You’ll be in safe hands with Vickie – I highly recommend her”.

Jane Perry, Actor


Vicky “armed” me with various tools and exercises to keep the work at home and maintain and develop what we have achieved in the session.

The work with her always involves theoretical knowledge and listening together to useful references.

Niv Petel, Actor


The entire session worked for me.  It was informative, exciting, new and most of all I learnt loads

She was credible – it counts for a lot and it worked!

She clearly understood the issues for both beginners and their concerns and mine also

She focused on breathing – big area for me.  Her grounding exercise and ‘whoosh’ activities were useful

Everything worked. Learnt lots that isn’t just useful for presenting but communication in general.

Comments from Lloyds TSB Lab Participants


“Vicky was really accommodating in helping me out at short notice. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about her subject.  I was quite anxious about the project I was working on and her warm and friendly manner put me at ease and thanks to her patience and encouragement I was able to do the job with confidence.   I would highly recommend Vicky as a Voice Coach.”

Karlyn Stephen, Actor


In just a short period of time Vicky helped me find my characters’ voice and after a week on set, nobody had a clue I was putting on an accent the whole time. Vicky was able to precisely identify what I needed to work on and provided me the tools I required to get the job done. Vicky is extremely professional, meticulously prepared and super easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone in or out of the entertainment industry.

Tim Beckmann, Actor and Producer 


I just wanted to email to let you know that I got my place at xxxxx which I’m thrilled about! Thank you so much again for all your help and guidance with my monologue, I was very happy I chose it and working on it definitely taught me a lot.

Shira Abkin, Drama Student


The talk went really well. I practised all your voice exercises before the talk and that really helped.  I am glad I had that training session with you.  You were wonderful. I will recommend.

Matt Cousins, Architect